Foets e-bikes are the best

At Foets you rent a Flyer. After thorough research and by looking at tests conducted by the Dutch Cycling Federation, we found this bike to be the best (5 out of 5 stars).


  • Wide range – up to 100 KM
  • Safe road handling
  • Very good hydraulic rim brakes
  • Reliable
  • Excellent seating comfort
  • Good suspension
  • Well adjustable for any type of user

The e-bike Flyer 5.1 has a 400Wh battery, good for a 100km trip. It’s maximum supported speed is  25 km/h. The e-bike has 8 speeds. Foets rents these uni-sex bikes in sizes S, M and L.

  • Size S suits people from 1.48m
  • Size M is suitable from 1.60m to 1.75
  • Size L is suitable from 1.70 and longer

Good service

Our e-bikes are meant for recreational purposes. In case you get a flat tire we will help you back on the road in no time. Either with a different e-bike or with a repair. To give you this service we are always available.

At no extra charge we offer our renters a ‘Foetsbag’, bike helmet or a kids seat (as long as these items are in stock). On the reservations page you can enter your wishes in the ‘special requirements’ field.

Your dog

Dog owners can bring their 4-legged family members with a trailer for dogs up to 40 kg.

*the trailer costs an additional 5,-/day