What to keep you from being bored?

Bergen Noord Holland is famous for being an artists’ village. Like many coastal-villages we’ve got beautiful quarters with architecture. The dunes-area is the widest here, giving you a wide range of cycling opportunities. But hey – there’s more to see and do.

Our clients have been to the following list; we aren’t getting paid but think a short summary might be a nice handle on what to do when you’re wth us. Everything on this list is within a 1hr travelling range (by bike or public transport).


  • Kranenburg Bergen (Art).
  • Broekerveiling Broek op Langedijk. (Cultural history and agriculture)
  • Sterkenhuis Bergen (Cultural history).
  • Hortus Bulborum (Flowerbulbs).
  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (Art).
  • Gemeentemuseum Amsterdam (modern art).
  • Van Gogh museum (Art).
  • Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam (nautical history).
  • Ruins of the castle Egmond (history).
  • Abby Egmond Binnen (religion).
  • Grand church in Alkmaar (religion).
  • Alkmaars museum (art and cultural history).
  • Den Helder Fort Kijkduin (bunkermuseum).
  • Den Oever/Kornwerderzand Afsluitdijk, bunkermuseum, versterking Afsluitdijk.
  • Cheesemarket Alkmaar every fridaymorning.
  • Bunkermuseum IJmuiden.

Nature and landscapes

  • Flowerbulbfields in march/april/may  (tulips, daffodils, chrysanthemums etc.).
  • Windmills (Koedijk is open for viewing).
  • Dunes – open met heaths, strawgrass, sandfields. Vulnerable nature.
  • Dunes with woods. Sheltered from heat or wind and lots of cycling paths.
  • Polderlandscape (fields).
  • Historical city of Alkmaar.
  • Village of Bergen with the ruinchurch (ruins are exceptional in Holland) and its historical centre.
  • Beachvillages Bergen aan Zee (beachpavillions), Egmond aan Zee (lively centre).
  • de Rijp gorgeous historical village in a polder.
  • Zaanse Schans, a collection of historical windmills which are still doing their designated jobs. (this is a very touristical site).
  • Alkmaar boatrental.
  • Whisperboats in de Rijp.
  • Isle of Texel.
  • Volendam (this is a very touristical site).
  • Locks IJmuiden in the Northseachannel.
  • New beach (2017, human made) in between Camperduin en Petten.

When the dutch weather disappoints

  • Escape room Schoorldam.
  • de Geus Broek op Langedijk (bowling, survival, wallclimbing, shooting).
  • Wellness spa resort Fort Beemster. (here you go naked).

With your kids

  • De goudvis (goldfish) indoor en outdoor playing centre (3 – 12 jr).
  • De zwaan (swan) bij Geestmerambacht – groot outdoor playing centre (4 – 14 jr).
  • Staatsbosbeheer kabouterbos Schoorl (playing with sand and water) (2-10 jr).
  • Ballorig Heerhugowaard indoor playing centre (2 – 12 jr).
  • Monkey town Alkmaar indoor playing centre (2 – 14 jr).
  • Paintball Alkmaar (12 – 18 jr).
  • De holle bolle boom (hollow tree) indoor and outdoor, swimming and playing (1 – 12 jr).
  • The beach(!)


  • Waterskiing at Strand van Luna.
  • Hoornse Vaart, Treeclimbing and swimming
  • Horsebackriding at manege Poelenburg.
  • Go with the Flo various activities.
  • Jongens van Schoorl surfing/waveriding (rental and school).
  • Beachpavillion ‘de jongens’ Bergen, surfboardrental and SUP rental.