Foets made an attempt to translate the conditions. When in doubt, the dutch conditions (‘voorwaarden’) are leading.

Foets assumes there is agreement on the following terms with a rental-agreement. Anyone using materials which are property of Foets is considered a renter, even in the event of no charge. The materials are considered the rented goods.

Foets does not offer an insurance policy with the rental. Foets advices renters to have a travel insurance which will cover costs of damages, theft or loss.

Renter is supposed to take good care of the rented goods. This can be done by doing (among others):

  • In the case of a malfunction or defect, immediately repair, or have repaired, the defect either by yourself or someone else. If repair is impossible, immediately contact Foets. Depending on the situation (recklessness, guilt, location) Foets will take care of replacement or repair. Reasonable costs will be charged to renter. Costs can consist of either materials (parts) and time of the repair.
  • Use the bicycles only on solid roads. Paths made of shells are considered solid. Do not ride the bicycles on sand or dirt.
  • Do not bring the bicycle to the beach. Do not expose the bicycle to salt water (seawater).
  • The bicycle is supposed to be used by 1 person. Only with the use of a child’s seat a child of a maximum age of 4 years old can ride along.
  • Park a bicycle in a way and at a place that does not obstruct others.
  • Lock the bike when parked. Connect the bicycle to a pole/tree or fence when parked so it can not be taken away when locked.
  • If renter cannot make the agreed return time contact Foets to re-schedule.

In the case of a lost/stolen/damaged bicycle, renter pays the value of the bicycle to Foets. Renter states, by entering the rental agreement, that Foets has the right to get this amount of the value of the bicycle within 24 hours after ascertaining of the damage or loss. The short notice is necessary because the material has to be replaced before the next renter has to take the bicycle.

Return policy: